Testing & Compliance

Work with a team

that can support your staff.

Our on-site testing and compliance solution provides additional resources and support to your trained staff. We integrate seamlessly with your team and ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to run a safe event.

How it Works

Team Collaboration

Our trained staff works on-site alongside your event staff to ensure that everything runs seamlessly and can be of service to your team should they have any questions.

Testing Solutions

If you require testing on-site or at home, we provide testing solutions that adhere to state regulatory requirements. Our pricing is competitive on a national level, and we have partnerships with the leading labs in the country.

Testing Support

We provide all of the logistical support required with any scale of testing. We help you with identifying the best testing type and frequency based on your event. Our team then runs all of the operations to administer tests, transport tests to the lab, and retrieve test results.

Real-time Monitoring

Prevent provides a secure portal where your team can monitor test results in real-time as they come in. You can even set up alerts and notifications to be distributed via email or SMS in real-time as negative results feed into the portal.

Events Covered


Keeping your event space clean and sanitized throughout the event is critical.

See how PREVENT helps your staff run a smooth and safe event.


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