Keep your space

clean and safe.

Prevent offers sanitization services that keep your space clean throughout the entire event. Not only does this keep your event safe, but it also builds confidence in guests knowing that your event is actively implementing safety measures on an ongoing basis.

Event sanitization

How it Works

Simple Solution

Prevent team members utilize a CO2 propelled 70% Alcohol-based solution that kills viruses on contact, requires no wipe down, and leaves no residue.

Antimicrobial Surface

We also use passive sanitizing with a CO2-propelled solution, creating an antimicrobial surface that prevents pathogens from bonding.

Event Branded Team

Team members wear matching attire that provides additional sponsorship and branding opportunities for your event.

Events Covered


Safe events start before registration.

See how PREVENT helps gather important health data prior to the event so you are set up for success.


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