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Welcoming and checking in any number of guests efficiently is critical to creating a great event. Our event screening solution creates a frictionless experience for guests, making it easy for them to enter the event, but more importantly, allowing you to conduct advanced temperature screening as an added layer of security. These solutions can be tailored to your event size, whether accommodating dozens or thousands of guests.

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How it Works

Quick Temp Check

Guests simply pause in front of one of our advance temperature screening stations for no more than one second.

Event Data

This seamless process also provides your organization with an audit trail that can be referenced during or after the event.

We use medical grade infrared camera systems to quickly take guests’ temperature. Our system has FDA-510(k) clearance and is designed to be compliant with ISO 13154, the international standard for identifying febrile people with a screening thermograph. Our systems are accurate to (±).1°C.

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