Integrated Partner – Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI) – The Market Leader

ICI Infrared Camera Systems for Elevated Body Temperature Screening:

  • Class 1 Medical Devices with FDA-510(k) Clearance,  (Hardware & Software)
  • ISO 13154 Compliant
  • Industry leading accuracy of (±).1-.3℃
  • Screen from a safe and discreet distance of 6 – 15ft
  • Screening rate of 1 person per second (3,500+ per hour), CrowdScan feature
  • In development since 1995, deployed globally since SARS in 2002
  • Utilized by the Department of Homeland Security, Amazon, the State of Hawaii, FedEx and many more
  • Developed and Manufactured in Beaumont, TX

Advanced Temperature Screening Advantage:

  • Utilize the most accurate infrared body temperature  screening system in existence
  • Promote advanced safety measures for the comfort and peace of mind of artists, patrons and crew
  • Eliminate risk of viral transmission between screener and subject by screening from a safe distance (6 – 15 ft)
  • Indoor & outdoor systems
  • Significantly reduce the manpower dedicated to health screening
  • Eliminate screening bottlenecks at ingress points, ensuring flow of traffic
  • Reduce the risk and liability of a super spreader event
  • OSHA recognition as top tier protection
  • Purchase – Day Rental – Long-Term Lease options available

COVID  Compliance

by COVID Compliance Production Group



  • Mass Gathering Risk Assessment
  • Design/Review of Safety Plans and Protocols
  • Support during permit process
  • Post Event Health Reports
  • On-site Health & Safety Team for event duration
  • Distribute, educate and monitor PPE Compliance
  • Designate medical checkpoints and hand hygiene stations

COVID Testing by

Getting the testing you need when you need it. The Navus Health team mobilizes quickly to ensure your employees are safe and COVID free. Incident management and ongoing resilience programs.

Onsite Express Testing

Fully utilize our services by taking advantage of the scheduled testing we provide, Navus will coordinate and cooperate with your team(s) to conduct onsite COVID-19 testing of all employees.

At-Home Express Testing

Opt to have your remote and quarantined employees test from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Great for companies operating in multiple locations with distributed teams.

About Our COVID-19 Test (Active Infection)
  • Physician referred rt-PCR Saliva based Test
  • 99.7% Accuracy Rating
  • Detects SARS-CoV-2 up to 24 hours before symptoms occur
  • Clinician follow up if positive
  • Results Next Day


  • Rapid Antigen Test
  • CLIA Waived Clinician On-site
  • 15 minute results

Spray Sanitizing by

  • Active Sanitizing utilizing CO2 propelled 70% Alcohol based solution that kills virus on contact, requires no wipe down and leaves no residue
  • Passive Sanitizing utilizing CO2 propelled Antimicrobial solution that creates an antimicrobial surface that prevents pathogens from bonding.

CO2 Compressed Gas propels Sanitizing Solutions, delivered by a Commercial Grade Sprayer and Pressure Regulator. Kills viral germs on surfaces immediately, requires no wipe down and leaves no residue.


VIP Travel Bubble by
Bon Air


Sanitized, private chartered aircraft to transport very important personnel between events to eliminate virus exposure during travel.


Private regional, national and international flights with world-class pilots.