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PREVENT provides frictionless, multi-layered biorisk mitigation solutions to ensure that your event is safe and successful.

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Multiple biorisk solutions.

PREVENT takes a comprehensive approach to mitigating the biorisk of your event. Each layer helps you ensure that you are providing the maximum protection for your event guests. We employ the latest medical-grade technology that has been approved by the FDA and is used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Simplify pre-screening your guests.

Our automated solution streamlines the pre-screening process before the event begins. We make it easy for your guests to take a quick survey and verify their vaccination status from their mobile devices.


Protect your event without sacrificing on experience.

Our advanced temperature screening system creates a frictionless security layer that will keep your event safe without changing your desired event experience for the guests. We use FDA approved technology that is accurate within .1º C and only takes one second.


Stay COVID compliant with an end-to-end strategy.

We can help you deploy a comprehensive testing strategy to mitigate risks and empower your team to have all the equipment and resources they need to operate a safe event.


On-site sanitization to ensure your event maintains cleanliness.

Our event sanitizing services allow your team to focus on creating a memorable experience while we ensure the event stays safe. We provide an array of solutions that allow you to rest easy knowing that your event will remain clean for your guests.

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The most trusted name to create safe event spaces.

PREVENT is the leading provider of event risk mitigation solutions and technology.
Our protocols have helped keep thousands of event goers safe during the pandemic, which helps our clients continue to host successful events. We utilized the most advanced medical-grade technology that is used by the U.S. Homeland Security and has been FDA 510(k) clearance and is compliant with ISO 13154, the international standard for identifying febrile people using a screening thermograph.


A seamless experience for you and your guests.

Working with PREVENT makes running your event even easier. Our team offers an end-to-end solution, ensuring that you can stay focused on running your event. Get started with PREVENT is a simple four-step process.

Seamless BioRisk Mitigation Solutions

Event Risk Assessment

Our risks assessment specialist will work with you to gather information and identify which solutions are necessary to help your event stay safe.

Customized Solutions Plan

We will assemble a solutions plan addressing the risks identified. Your plan can be customized by adding or removing risk mitigations solutions.

Finalize Quote

We will provide a quote to cover every aspect of your risks mitigation plan. Once approved, your account is setup and we begin planning stages.


Once you partner with Prevent, a dedicated account manager will help you schedule all key milestones and oversee the success of your event.


Take the first step to a safer event.

Schedule a 15-min call with our risk assessment specialist.


Speak with an event specialist.

Complete the form to schedule a 15-min risk assessment call with one of our event specialists. We will review the specifications of your event and provide a customized recommendation and quote to ensure your event is safe and successful.